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Meet Delene

Delene’s extraordinary journey has taken her across the globe, from the grand stages of dance performances to the dazzling lights of the iconic Moulin Rouge in Paris, where she graced the stage for an impressive 18 years, captivating audiences with her high kicks and graceful step touches.

About Delene

Delene spent 18 years in Paris performing at the Moulin Rouge, high kicking and step touching until recently when she decided to hang up the glamorous feathers & sequins.

What sets Delene apart is her remarkable dedication to Pilates. Even while she was in the heart of Paris, a city known for its vibrant arts and culture, Delene committed herself to teaching Pilates. Her unique blend of experience, which includes performing at the Moulin Rouge and instructing Pilates, allowed her to bring a distinct flair to her Pilates classes.

Her time teaching in the bustling heart of Paris gave her a profound understanding of the diverse needs and aspirations of her clients. Delene’s expertise extends beyond the ordinary, as she has had the privilege of training esteemed actors and actresses such as Natalie Portman and Diane Kruger, as well as elusive fashion designers.

Having spent nearly two decades embracing the enchanting Parisian lifestyle, Delene has returned to her home with her beloved French family, ready to embark on new and exhilarating adventures.

Delene’s unwavering passion for dance and exercise has seamlessly steered her toward a fulfilling career in Pilates. She is a fully certified Balanced Body Pilates instructor, specializing in Mat and Studio Pilates, with her training and studies deeply rooted in A-Lyne Studio Paris. Furthermore, Delene spent time in Germany to gain the unique certification as a Gyrotonic instructor, adding a diverse range of expertise to her repertoire.

Delene eagerly anticipates the opportunity to welcome you Pilates Insync, where she is wholeheartedly committed to guiding you toward your optimal health and fitness goals. Her journey from dance to Pilates has uniquely equipped her to understand and inspire your own transformation, and she can’t wait to share this passion with you.


  • Certified in Gyrotonic Foundation Level 2 Program 2 – Gyrotonic Studio, Paris (2018)
  • Certified in Gyrotonic Jumping Stretch Board – Studio Rituel, Paris (2017)
  • Certified Bolly Active Instructor – Studio Rituel, Paris (2017)
  • Certified in Gyrotonic Foundation Level 2 Program 1– Studio Rituel, Paris (2017)
  • Gyrotonic Foundation Level 1 – Studio Rituel, Paris (2016)
  • Certified in Gyrotonic Level 1 – Münstertal (2016)
  • European First Aid Certificate – Paris (2015)
  • Certified Xtend Barre instructor – Xtend Barre (2015)
  • Certified Instructor in Pilates Studio – A-Lyne Studio Balance Body, Paris (2015)
  • Gyrotonic Foundation Course Pre-training – Studio Rituel, Paris (2015)
  • Certified in Pilates Mat 1,2,3 – A-Lyne Studio Balanced Body, Paris (2015)

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