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We’ve helped many professional athletes discover the benefits of Pilates training to enhance sporting performance and to assist with injury prevention and recovery.

Athlete's we've helped

How does Pilates Insync help professional athletes?

Professional athletes we’ve helped

Shaun Johnson

Professional Rugby League Player

“I call Helen the GOAT because she is the greatest Pilates Instructor there is. I came to Helen as I had a history of injuries that I couldn’t get on top of. Straight away she understood all my body’s tendencies and tailored Pilates to it. Even when I moved to New Zealand to re-join the Warriors, I undertook virtual classes with Helen. I can’t thank her enough for her time and love to get my body strong.”

Alanna Kennedy

Professional Footballer (Matildas)

“There is never a dull moment at Pilates Insync. Pilates has quickly become one of my favourite forms of training as a professional footballer. I appreciate how it targets those little intricate muscles that often go overlooked in my other training routines. Feeling that satisfying burn in those muscles is truly invigorating. Pilates has become my new passion, and I can’t thank Helen enough for her expertise in making me a better athlete.”

Rohan Browning

Olympian – 100m Sprinter

“I really look forward to my sessions with Helen at Pilates Insync. Track and field is about looking for one percent improvements and constantly challenging yourself, and that’s what I get out of Helen every session. Pilates has always kept me honest. I never realised how much I had to work on until Helen broke down the way I moved and taught me how to move specifically and purposefully. Every week she takes me out of my comfort zone and deals a few blows to my ego, but that’s the kind of environment that I need to be amongst the world’s fastest men.”

Steve Waugh

Former Australian Cricket Captain
Steve Waugh Foundation

“I have been training at Pilates Insync for over ten years after strong recommendations from my wife Lynette. My goal was to gain back strength and flexibility after playing sport. Many people have knowledge but Helen is a fantastic teacher. She has passion and is committed to improving the wellbeing of her clients. My Charity runs an annual six day 800km cycling event called “The Captains Ride”, of which Pilates Insync plays an integral role in my preparation for this event. Thanks Helen for all your help, hard work, expertise and most importantly passion.”

Amy Harrison

Captain – Western Sydney Wanderers

“Helen & Pilates Insync was recommended to me as part of my ACL rehab. Not only has it strengthened my knee, it has changed my whole body for the better. Pilates twice a week with Helen has improved my mobility, flexibility and overall strength throughout my whole body from top to bottom. I walk out of every session feeling stronger, refreshed and pleased with my progress thanks to Helen & Pilates Insync.”

Tyson Frizell

Professional Rugby League Player

“I started pre-season pilates with Helen at Pilates Insync after ongoing back problems last season that lead to back surgery. After a couple of months of pilates sessions twice a week, I achieved positive results in my general movement and flexibility. Mobility in my back has definitely improved with a significant reduction in pain. I will definitely continue with my pilates training throughout the NRL season as the results over such a short period have been fantastic.”

Melissa Wu

4x Olympian – Diving

“I am incredibly grateful for all the help and support that Helen has provided throughout my journey as an Olympic diver. Her guidance and training at Pilates Insync have played a vital role in making me a better and stronger athlete. Helen is truly the best in her field. What sets her apart is her unwavering dedication to pushing me to achieve more in every session. As an athlete, this continuous motivation is invaluable, and it has driven me to reach new heights in my diving career. Thank you, Helen, for your exceptional expertise and unwavering support.”

Kevin Lisch

Captain Sydney Kings

“Pilates has enabled me to stay strong and flexible on the court while helping in my recovery after playing. In addition, Helen make the sessions fun, creative and enjoyable.”

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Are you an athlete, sporting team or corporate group ready to unleash the power of Pilates?

We specialise in tailoring Pilates programs for elite athletes and sporting teams, helping them unlock their peak performance potential while reducing the risk of injuries. Join us on a transformative Pilates journey that not only enhances your body but also boosts your overall well-being. Whether you’re aiming to build core strength, increase flexibility, or improve your overall fitness, Pilate’s Insync is your ideal destination for achieving these goals and safeguarding your athletic longevity.

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