Meet Amanda

Amanda has been a dedicated Pilates enthusiast with Pilates Insync for over 15 years. Amanda, a client turned instructor, has meticulously honed her skills under the mentorship of Helen at Pilates Insync, drawing inspiration from her experiences.

About Amanda

Amanda’s commitment to excellence and her understanding of Pilates principles, coupled with her creative flair from the design world, ensures her classes are not only informed by the fundamentals but also infused with engaging challenges.

While steering a thriving Interior Design Studio during the day, Amanda pursued her Pilates journey obtaining her Pilates Certificate in 2023. Originally exploring Pilates as a side interest, Amanda’s deep satisfaction in instructing and witnessing clients achieve their goals has led her to embrace instructing alongside her Interior Design endeavors.

This dual-professional approach allows Amanda to bring a unique blend of precision and creativity to her Pilates instruction.

When not immersed in home or design studio projects, Amanda can be found sharing her expertise and passion in our studio, either participating in, or leading classes. Discover the synergy of Pilates and creativity with Amanda, a dedicated instructor committed to enhancing both physical well-being and design aesthetics.

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